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Process input JK3000A1-A2-A2I


Isolated process analog transmitters JK3000A1, JK3000A2 are designed to provide simple solution for
all transmissions problems and signals isolation.

This transmitters range is designed in JM Concept unit unplugged from its rail DIN base.
Use of components that are efficient in a wide temperature ensures a very high level of reliability and
very low thermal drift.

To provide solutions for all problems, isolated process analog transmitters are designed in 2 ranges :

  • JK3000A1 :Input current, voltage transmitter , 1 current or voltage output
  • JK3000A2 :Input current, voltage transmitter , 2 separated non isolated current and/or voltage output


K3000A1 and JK3000A2 references exist in lightning impulse protected version :

  • JK3000A1-F
  • JK3000A2-F

Isolated process analog transmitters JK3000A2I are designed to transmit a signal and duplicate It.
with a short response time and an isolation of the input and the 2 outputs.

pdf Commercial datasheet JK 3000A1-A2
pdf Commercial datasheet JK 3000A2i
pdf User manual JK 3000
pdf Certificates