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New micro 32 bits
response time <80 ms
Universal inputPTC-NTC, high voltage1000 V
100 % compatible with previous versions

TELIS-9000T2 TELIS-9000U1 TELIS-9400U2
  TELIS 9000T2 TELIS 9000U0 TELIS 9400U2

    T E L I S reinvents conversion and transmission of measures

  • Its graphic screen display, and its joystick make user-frendly and easily programmable device
  • Its USB front face plug enables a very simple programming with PC.
  • Its cutting edge technology allows T E L I S 9000S to have exceptional characteristics
  • Its inputs/outputs configurations, adapted to the market, are efficient for any application
  • A double current input makes of T E L I S 9000 a double transmitter in one product.
  • T E L I S is designed in JM concept case unplugable from its DIN RAIL wiring base.
pdf Commercial datasheet version XI  
pdf User manual version XI  
pdf Notice Modbus  
pdf Certificates TELIS9000-9200  
pdf Certificates TELIS 9300-9400  
IXLOG-TELIS IXLOGforTELISprogramming interface